Welcome to Two Guys Home Improvements' website. I hope you find information about the services that you are looking for, but if not, just call and ask because we may be able to accommodate what you are looking for. We service all of Suffolk County, Long Island. On this site you’ll find before, after, and in progress pictures of some projects that we have done so that you can get an idea of what each project entails. You may also get some ideas for your project. 

My name is Ed Caballero, I am the owner of Two Guys Home Improvements and my philosophy is simple - "One Project at a Time."  I have listened to the concerns and issues many homeowners’ have had when dealing with other contractors and made it my goal to build the foundation of my business around helping my customers feel at ease with those concerns. Rest assured that when I start your project I am not leaving until you are completely satisfied.

“One Project at a Time” might prevent me from being a huge company, but that's not what I am seeking. I am very proud of Two Guys Home Improvements as a company, and proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction. My customers can attest to the fact that I take time with them well before and during their project to help with design and layout, and meet with them at different locations and material centers where they need help or advice.

Two Guys Home Improvements is completely licensed and insured and for any services that require an additional professional such as plumbing or electric, you can be assured that each of these professionals is completely licensed.

I am dedicated to completing your project within the decided timeframe and budget. While many homeowners shop around for price, it’s important to realize that the reason something is cheaper might be because the particular contractor is doing things he/she shouldn't be doing to help save in the cost or bottom line profit. The inexpensive way is not always the right way, and in the end can cost you more money, time and grief.

I sincerely hope that my website brings you some peace of mind in choosing Two Guys Home Improvements for your project and answers questions that you might have had. Good luck with any and all of your projects to come!


Ed Caballero


To schedule an appointment with Two Guys Home Improvements or to find out more information about our services, give us a call at 631-433-1614, email us at, or contact us through our website by clicking here.